Dyeing Eggs with Onion Skins & Turmeric


I love to keep things natural. Dyeing eggs is no exception. This year, I decided to forego the fake dyes to dye eggs. Don’t those fake chemical dyes seep into the egg? I decided from now on, I would use vegetable dyes. I used brown onion skin, red onion skin and turmeric for color. I was really happy with the results. Here is what you do:

1. Add 4 cups of water

2. 2 tablespoons of vinegar

3. Skin of 3 onions or 1 tablespoon of turmeric

  • Red onion creates a dark red look
  • Brown onion creates a rust color
  • Turmeric creates a yellow color

Boil the egg, water, onion skins (or turmeric) and vinegar together for about 20 minutes. Let the eggs cool in the water for another 10 minutes. Remove the eggs from the water and let them cool. The results amazed me. The colors were so vibrant.

Voila! Healthy, non toxic garden inspired egg dye!

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  1. My Little Home and Garden March 24, 2013  2:21 am Reply

    Hello, Nadia

    I'm amazed at the richness of the colour on the shells. The eggs looks so attractive arranged on the silver tray, the sunny yellow and darker shades!

    I can just imagine you wandering about, wondering what else you could use to dye eggs. If tumeric worked, I wonder if cayenne pepper or chili powder would do the trick. Hmmm, I might have to try.

    Thanks for sharing your eggs at "Sunlit Sunday".


    • Nadia March 24, 2013  4:10 pm Reply

      Hi Karen, Thank you. I was surprised at how much dye a few onion skins contained. I tried purple cabbage and beets but the colors didn't stick to the egg. I want to try Spinach next.

  2. Jocelyn March 24, 2013  2:29 am Reply

    Thanks SO much for this great hint. And also for showing how it is done.

    • Nadia March 24, 2013  4:10 pm Reply

      You are SO welcome! I love the fact that its a non toxic way to dye eggs.

  3. Regula March 24, 2013  9:11 am Reply

    I like the colour of onion peel the most. I always dye eggs this way. I put some grass and flower leaves underneath a piece of an elastic fabric (panty hose or curtain) before dyeing. Afterwards you have pretty pictures on the eggs. Tomorrow we are dyeing eggs in school. :-)

    • Nadia March 24, 2013  4:12 pm Reply

      How fun :-) I wanted to put the flower imprints but I was afraid to break the eggs. I'm sure your eggs are going to look amazing. The onion peels color lends such an elegance to the egg.

  4. debra@ HOMESPUN March 24, 2013  10:48 am Reply

    Wow and I thought I was old-fashioned using food coloring instead of those kits! :) These are lovely and very rich and vibrant !

    • Nadia March 24, 2013  4:15 pm Reply

      LOL... Thanks!! I love things that have stood the test of time. So, I guess I'm into old fashioned things :)

  5. Claudia March 24, 2013  12:38 pm Reply

    The colors are surprisingly vibrant and I love the natural tones. Another great idea, Nadia.

    Thanks so much for joining in this week.


    • Nadia March 24, 2013  4:16 pm Reply

      Thanks for hosting Claudia. And thanks for being such a courteous hostess and stopping by to say hello :)

    • Nadia March 24, 2013  4:16 pm Reply

      Thank you :)

  6. Crafty Gardener March 24, 2013  1:11 pm Reply

    Love the natural colours of the eggs. Wonderful idea to use natural things instead of the artificial dyes.

    • Nadia March 24, 2013  4:17 pm Reply

      Thank you. It was a lot of fun too.

  7. Susan March 24, 2013  3:25 pm Reply

    I have never tried this, but I will now! They are lovely and you did a great job.

    Big Hugs,
    Susan and Bentley

    • Nadia March 24, 2013  4:18 pm Reply

      Thank you! It was so interesting to dye them in this manner. My kids enjoyed the process and were amazed by it. I appreciate your comment :)

  8. Paulette March 24, 2013  5:00 pm Reply

    My Aunt Stella always used onion skins to dye her eggs at Easter. Thanks for reminding me of that great memory.

    • Nadia March 27, 2013  7:10 am Reply

      Thanks for sharing your memory! :-)

  9. sian March 24, 2013  7:53 pm Reply

    Those look amazing! I like to do it natural too! x

  10. Ruth March 24, 2013  8:44 pm Reply

    Your eggs look great! Thanks for sharing the how to.

  11. Liz @ Sit With Me In My Garden March 24, 2013  9:09 pm Reply

    Wow you got some real strong colors! I remember my Mom using onion skins when I was a child. They have such a nice organic look to them.

  12. Mary March 24, 2013  9:59 pm Reply

    OMG I love these - and I'm so mad that the onions I peeled for our dinner tonight have already gone the way of the compost bin! Oh well, shopping on the 'to do' list for tomorrow so I'll buy more! This is a lovely Easter idea and much healthier I'm certain.

    Thanks for sharing via Claudia - Mary

    • Nadia March 26, 2013  1:16 am Reply

      I totally loved them too :) I can't wait for you to make them! I bet they are going to turn out FANTASTIC!

  13. Sally March 24, 2013  10:26 pm Reply

    I've always wanted to try that! I can't get over how deep the colors are. So much fun.

    • Nadia March 26, 2013  1:14 am Reply

      You should totally try it! It was easy!

  14. Lorrie March 24, 2013  11:23 pm Reply

    Beautiful, rich colours. Gorgeous.

    • Nadia March 26, 2013  1:14 am Reply

      Thank you! I loved how they turned into these deep jewel tones. It was so surprising.

    • Nadia March 26, 2013  1:14 am Reply

      You should give it a try again just for the heck of it :-) I was thinking to color eggs that have been peeled and boiled already. I was curious to see what color they would turn out to be!!

  15. Pat @ Mille Fiori Favoriti March 25, 2013  4:13 am Reply

    Visiting from Mosaic Monday --nice to find your blog! What beautiful colors your eggs turned out! I'd like to try doing this with my grandsons as I like that it is more natural and healthy than artificial dyes.

    • Nadia March 26, 2013  1:12 am Reply

      Thanks for stopping by! Hope you have fun trying it! My kids and I had a blast!

  16. Life Images by Jill March 25, 2013  2:52 pm Reply

    I should have had this recipe when my grandkids came to stay at the weekend! Next time!
    Have a wonderful week. I am linking up to you through Mosaic Monday

    • Nadia March 26, 2013  1:11 am Reply

      You could always do this with them just as a fun way to boil eggs on their next visit!

  17. Veronica Roth March 25, 2013  5:50 pm Reply

    Hi Nadia, I love the look of your lovely eggs. We children used to do this with my grandmother! Yesterday my daughter and I painted some flowers in acrylics on the eggs. I'll post that for the Tea Cup Tuesday link-up. I think I might try the onion skins again. :)

    • Nadia March 26, 2013  1:10 am Reply

      Hi Veronica, Thanks for your kind words :) I'm finding this post is reminding a lot of people of their childhood, which is nice. The eggs you and your daughter painted must look amazing! Thanks for posting this to Teacup Tuesday. Have a nice week!

  18. phyllis March 26, 2013  5:13 am Reply

    I love those colors in your beautiful eggs, that yellow is the most amazing color i just must try this for my self...I think I should have done some yellow eggs for my latest post...thanks for the great idea..

    • Nadia March 27, 2013  4:11 pm Reply

      Your welcome! Thanks for your kind words. You should totally try it!!!

  19. Mary Howell Cromer March 26, 2013  11:30 am Reply

    Wow what a great idea. Those eggs turned out really beautiful!

    • Nadia March 27, 2013  4:12 pm Reply

      Thank you!

  20. GardenOfDaisies March 26, 2013  2:34 pm Reply

    Really gorgeous color! I love that you are using all natural methods to dye.

    • Nadia March 27, 2013  4:12 pm Reply

      Thank you! The fact that I was using natural dye was my favorite part of all this too!

  21. Haworth March 26, 2013  8:01 pm Reply

    Such wonderful colors, Nadia! Thank you for these 'recipes'... I'll be trying them this year.

    • Nadia March 27, 2013  4:13 pm Reply

      Great! I'm sure they will turn out fantastic!!!

    • Nadia April 6, 2013  3:20 am Reply

      Thank you Marty!! xx

  22. Kathy April 1, 2013  10:09 pm Reply

    Hello Nadia, love this method - I haven't done this in years! The color and patina is marvelous - I appreciate you sharing with Home and Garden Thursday,

    • Nadia April 6, 2013  3:19 am Reply

      Thanks for your comment Kathy!

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